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Java !OpenStreetMap Editor


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JOSM is an extensible editor for OpenStreetMap (OSM) written in Java 1.6.


|| ||= OS Independent =||= Web Start =||= Browser =||= Windows =||= Mac OS X =||= Ubuntu, … =|| ||= **tested** Version(tested) =|| **[/josm-tested.jar jar ]** || [/download/josm.jnlp jnlp] || [/applet applet] ([wiki:Applet description]) || [/download/windows/josm-setup.exe setup.exe] ([wiki:USB_Stick portable]) || [/download/macosx/] || here || ||= latest Version(latest) =|| [/josm-latest.jar jar] || || || || || here || ||= older =|| [/download/ download] || || || || || ||

* **Which version should I use?** (see also: [wiki:Releases release system])
  * tested is released approx. monthly and shouldn't contain severe bugs
  * latest is released daily, may have more errors
  * If possible, use the Web Start version in order to automatically update. (Note that there are fairly regular updates, so always try running a recent version.)
* For troubles during installation, look at the InstallNotes page
* For more options, see Download
* **What has been changed recently?**
  * [wiki:StartupPage startup notes] (most important changes)
  * summarized changelog (nicely summarized)
  * [/log/?verbose=on SVN changelog] (very detailed)


* Image(/svn/trunk/images/preferences/plugin.png,link=wiki:Plugins,24px) **[wiki:Plugins]** (installation instruction)
* Image(/svn/trunk/images/dialogs/propertiesdialog.png,link=wiki:Presets) **[wiki:Presets]** (installation instruction)
* Image(/svn/trunk/images/dialogs/mapstyle.png,link=wiki:Styles) **[wiki:Styles]** (installation instruction)
* Image(/svn/trunk/images/imagery_menu.png,link=wiki:Maps) **[wiki:Maps]** (installation instruction)
* something missing? Requests for new features can also be made via [/newticket trac] or via the JOSM developer mailing list (

Getting Started | Help

* Comprehensive introduction on the OpenStreetMap wiki.
* The official [wiki:Help help system / documentation] (can be reached with <F1> from within JOSM).
* Tutorial on
* Some [wiki:TutorialVideos video tutorials] (mostly outdated)
* Ask members of the OpenStreetMap community on
   * the OSM-forum
   * various OSM mailinglists (e.g. talk and newbies, list overview)
   * the OSM IRC channel
* [wiki:HowTo Howtos]

Found a bug? | Have an idea? | Make a suggestion?

* Please report any bug found:
  Create a [/newticket new ticket]. When reporting a bug, please include the version (version number can be found in menu [wiki:Help/Menu/Help Help]/ [wiki:Help/Action/About About]).
* Discuss ideas and suggestions also in the [/newticket bug tracker] or on the josm-dev mailinglist


* View the summarized changelog or the [/log/?verbose=on SVN changelog]. Major changes are noted in the [wiki:StartupPage JOSM startup notes].
* Download the [/josm-latest.jar latest JOSM] version Version(latest) (may have more errors than "tested", be careful with this one).
* Get the source:
  * From the official Subversion repository (recommended): {{{svn co}}}
  * From the unofficial GitHub mirror: {{{git clone git://}}}
  * From the official OSM Subversion repository (including plugins): {{{svn co josm}}}
* See [wiki:DevelopersGuide Developers Guide] or [wiki:Translations Translations Guide]
* The Ubuntu JOSM project on launchpad

How to help

* [wiki:DevelopersGuide Help developing code] (e.g. write patches for entries in [/report bug tracker])
* Review bugs in [/report bug tracker]: find duplicates, test bugs and add more descriptive texts
* [wiki:Translations Translate] JOSM and the online help into your language.
* Update and translate the [wiki:Help online help]
* Unify and translate all JOSM related Wiki pages and join them with the online help
* Review translations
* Review original texts (program, online help, ...)
* Create fancy new icons for presets or tools without icons
* ...

This site

* This site is a combined online help and bug tracking system for JOSM and JOSM plugins
* No login is required to use this site (neither for reading nor for changes to wiki or bug tracker)
* A login has following advantages:
 * The JOSM applet can store settings on the server
 * Mails are sent for changes in own bug tracker tickets (This is possible also by entering an e-mail as username in the tickets, but you are unable to change that later and the address is openly visible).
 * Page settings are remembered (e.g. input field size and a lot of other stuff)
* Logins which have no e-mail address or which have not been used at least once are automatically deleted.
* The login to edit the OpenStreetMap database has nothing to do with this server!
* NOTE: The secured HTTPS version of this site uses a [wiki:ServerCertificate self-signed certificate] with 26:8B:4D:CB:AD:04:E7:50:EC:94:F8:34:83:CE:7C:06:8D:FD:61:3D as SHA1 fingerprint.BRYou need to [wiki:ServerCertificate accept] this certificate as valid to silence the warnings of your browser.


* For problems, ideas, suggestions use the [/newticket bug tracker]
* The volunteers creating JOSM can be reached using the josm-dev mailinglist
* The server running this service is operated by FOSSGIS society