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bm-1 Nin mɔgɔ'in bɛ se ka dɔw seben bamanankan na dɔɔni-dɔɔni.
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About Me

I map as mds08011

I live in San Diego, California and focus most of my mapping around there. My current focus (July 2018) is to slowly update all the bus stops around the County of San Diego. I am also starting to utilize OpenStreetCam as I drive. Let me know if you'd like any specific areas in San Diego recorded.

I also occasionally armchair-map areas around Songuela, Mali. I lived there while volunteering with the US Peace Corps and am familiar enough with the area to identify features. I enjoy mapping areas such as this because this literally puts these communities on the map.

Areas of interest

  • San Diego, California (US)
  • Mali

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