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About Me
OSM Logo This user submits data to OpenStreetMap under the name
Go Do Some Mapping Nachtspazz goes on Night Walks
JOSM Nachtspazz submits data to OpenStreetMap using JOSM.
Go Do Some Mapping Nachtspazz submits traces to OSM using OsmAnd.
Firefox Nachtspazz prefers Mozilla Firefox.
Logo-ubuntu cof-orange-hex.svg Nachtspazz uses an Ubuntu-based computer.
Flag of Germany.svg This user hails from Germany
Flag of Germany.svg Nachtspazz has mapped in Germany.

OpenStreetMap isn't a computer project, it's an outdoors activity.
Less of the bulk imports and wikifiddling please.
Go outside and map!

My OSM Account

Nachtspazz's OSM Account since 2011.

My User Name

Nacht (German) = Night (English).

Spatz (German) = Sparrow (English): Often associated with the town of Ulm ("Ulmer Spatz").

spazieren (German) = to walk / to promenade (English).


My Plans

Trace all ways in Ulm (within city limits).

Map small paths in Ulm (typically for pedestrians/bikes only).

Identify Living Streets ("Spielstraße" in German) in Ulm and tag them correctly.

Tag paths with road sign 241 with bicycle=designated and foot=designated.

Tag max_speed in residential areas and access=private for privat parking lots.

Small items to map: playgrounds, bollards, benches, wayside crosses/shrines, steps, gates, post boxes, recycling containers, ...

Find and tag historic boundary stones.

My Traces of Ulm


Overview of my traces of Ulm (19th March 2011 to 22nd September 2020).


I checked and mapped all "Häckselplätze" in Ulm
(amenity=recycling, recycling:wood=yes, operator=Entsorgungsbetriebe Stadt Ulm (EBU), name=Häckselplatz XXXX).

Name Status
Ulm-Mitte DONE
Örlinger-Tal-Weg (Schafstall) Mapped
Grüner Graben Mapped
Eselsberg DONE
Trommelwiesle (Ruhetal) Discontinued
Ruhetal Discontinued
Lehrer-Tal-Weg Mapped
KGA Schönblick (H.-Multscher-Schule) Discontinued
Heilmeyersteige beim Recyclinghof Mapped
Weinbergweg / Ruländerweg (Sonderhäckselplatz, Anlieferung nur zu Fuß) Mapped
Sonnenhalde / Wilhelm-Geyer-Weg (Spielplatz) Discontinued
Michelsberg DONE
Prittwitzstrasse Mapped
Söflingen DONE
Am Roten Berg / Kleingartenanlage Mapped
Harthauser Strasse, Sportanlage TSG Söflingen (verlegt!) Mapped
Hasensteige Mapped
Jörg-Syrlin-Strasse / Rückhaltebecken Discontinued
Sterntalerweg / Köllestrasse (Parkplatz KGA) Discontinued
Weststadt DONE
Unterer Kuhberg Mapped
Verlängerung St.-Barbarastrasse (Parkplatz KGA) Mapped
Galgenbergweg Discontinued
Illerstrasse - Parkplatz Richtung Erbach (Bewährungsheim) Mapped
Illerstrasse jenseits Unterführung Discontinued
Böfingen DONE
Kleingartenanlage Braunland (Lagerhaus) Mapped
Obertalfinger Weg Mapped
Beim Recyclinghof Recyclinghof mapped
Böfinger Weg / Hofäcker Weg Discontinued
Eichenhang, westl. Geb. Nr. 164 Mapped
Safranberg DONE
Heidenheimer Str. / Albecker Steige Mapped
Messelsteinweg (Wendeplatte) Discontinued
Jungingen DONE
Katzental / Erddeponie Mapped
Kleingartengeb. Bühl Mapped
Mähringen DONE
Schulweg / Tobelweg (Obstwiese) Mapped
Harthausen DONE
bei K 9904 Mapped
Ermingen DONE
Wiesentalweg / Weidenweg (KGA) Mapped
Unterweiler DONE
Parkplatz Mehrzweckhalle Mapped