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I am a spatial analyst from Australia. I have just completed a 10 month GIS and data analysis advisor placement with the Cambodian local NGO Sahmakum Teang Tnaut[1]. This placement was funded by Engineers Without Borders Australia[2].

During that time I started the Phnom Penh Mapping Meetup. There have been 9 of these monthly events so far, with 23 people having given 10 minute presentations. Check it out![3]

Two of these presentations were about OpenStreetMap. A number of the people that attended the meetups came to Cambodia OSM Mapping Parties that we run monthly, starting 26th May 2012. I'll be doing a lightning talk about the outcome of these parties[4]

By the way, if anyone knows any good routes for a motorbike trip along Japan's south coast, please let me know. I made this initial route in OSRM: [5] ... although I suspect it could be improved :-) Let me know by shifting the route across the map as appropriate, clicking 'generate link' and sending the new link to me (rednorth AT gmail DOT com).