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Lightning talks take place on Thursday and Friday afternoon. Lightning talks are 5 minutes max.

Convention Hall - Thursday, Sept. 6th (English)

  • Time: 16:00 to 17:00
  • 8 - 12 talks
Who What Slides Resources Video etc.
Masaki Ito Tottori Route Bus Map with OSM Technology
Madoka Nakajima The creation method of indoor maps using OpenStreetMap and a floor plan
Jisu Choi Openstreetmap as a platform for designing artifacts (slides)
Saji Hameed Enhancing OSM data in Aizuwakamatsu through crowdsourcing efforts
Christian Quest Tracking edits in OSM data Tracking OSM edit:
Dongpo Deng Crowdsourced radiation measurement network: An integration of OSM, OpenGeoSMS, and Safecast.
Toru Mori "FOSS4G meet/eat up inTokyo" (Web page)
Shoichi Otomo intro SotM2012@Tokyo_PUBMAP(branch of Aerial) (Web page)
Jaak Laineste Android 3D map SDK for OSM
Frederik Ramm ILikeOSM - a stochastic approach to OSM quality checking and measurement

Conference Room - Thursday, Sept. 6th (Japanese)

  • Time: 16:00 to 17:00
  • 8 - 12 talks
Who What Slides Resources Video etc.
Yuma Imi Analyzing the Effect of OpenStreetMap for Crisis (震災時におけるOpenStreetMapの利用と推移に関する考察) (slides)
@yutanpopopo Digital Text Bookの開発と普及
H.Sengoku Micro GeoData があつい
M. Nagata @yambaby13 Nara Univ. Campus map
Yappo White map tools in localtouch
loglogy Tunami and OSM
miurahr localizing Potlatch2
ジオどす 上田 土居ノ内通りの謎と大地主? OSM
Masaki Ito OSM技術で作る鳥取路線バスマップ
add your name name of the talk you are going to deliver

Convention Hall - Friday, Sept. 7th (English)

Who What Slides Resources Video etc.
Sajjad Anwar Geospatial data in India and the Cartonama conference. starts in ustream at 14:30
Wilfred Waters Results of the first three Cambodia OSM Mapping Parties slides, starts in ustream at 17:30
LastGrape/Gregory My favourite places I've mapped, starts in ustream at 24:10
Christian Quest starts in ustream at 30:00
Hidenori AWAYA Request For Comments from a Researcher of Automotive Research and Consulting Firm: Possibility of Support to Accelerate OSM Activities by Big Data gathered via Wireless Connection from On-board device in Car to Automotive Companies which include many detailed information (e.g. CAN related data: location, speed, steering info and much more) : Our Awareness, Readiness and Request For Comments. Please frankly email to with your thought, opinion, proposal of co-working and so on!!! starts in ustream at 37:30

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