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Hi, I'm Nikolaj  :-)

I live in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark.

You can contact me at: - but you have to include the word osteklokke in the text, otherwise my spam filter will eat it...

I am currently mapping the North Copenhagen area on a bicycle. I am trying to systematically map areas so all streets get mapped. Initially I am mainly creating ways, incl names, in JOSM and upload that and the corresponding GPX traces.


Currently working on mapping:

  • Dyrehaven
  • Jærgersborg
  • Lolland (mostly around Maribo)
  • Driving around randomly to map the bigger roads on Sjælland

In addition to this, I fix the minor inaccuracies I find in Nørrebro.

Lolland is getting there... After making lots of detours... Lolland.png


When I reach the limit going North (about 15 km each way to the mapping area) I will probably start swinging Westward.

  • Emdrup, Vangede, Søborg, Buddinge
  • Møn?

Also, I will try to see if I can get any mapping done on business trips and holidays. Though I fear it will be too slow to do on foot.

  • Don't worry about doing stuff on foot. Most of the Inner city of Copenhagen and all of Vesterbrogade+ sideroads to Istedgade was done on foot. Benefits are threefold : 1) You get excercise. 2) You get to see the architecture and the "hidden" pearls of a town. 3) You get to meet a lot of different interesting people. Dutch 17:20, 14 February 2007 (UTC)

Well, the problem is time. It is very limited how long you can walk in the odd hour (when you also have to get back), but I will try it out... Nikolaj 22:54, 14 February 2007 (UTC)


Timelaps image of northern Copenhagen from summer 2006 to spring 2007: CphN-2007.gif

Note that I don't claim credit for all this work, this is just the area I spend most of my time.


Megastar.png Nikolaj is awarded a MegaStar for uploading one million track points.