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Where's everyone from?

sotm/delegates has a CSV of where everyone travelled from

Time-sensitive maps

Interesting use of day/night animations for map rendering, with different colour choices. Perhaps businesses should appear during the day cycle, and nightclub symbols appearing during the evening.

Drop shadows

Use of drop shadows underneath roads, would be good to highlight layers in osmarender. Possible only because SVG supports the shadows, which means osmarender is best platform for using it. May mean that tiles@home needs to move to batik renderer to take advantage of this and other rendering improvements.


Osmarender 5 announced, now has solid lines at the ends of roads, better text fitting, support for labelled areas, and features within the road (e.g. gates, locks, steep roads)

Node editing

Hierachy of nodes - maybe we need a non-map editor for nodes (e.g. linking Weybridge to Surrey to England/UK) that stores the node ID of each linked item, rather than "is_in" which just uses the text name.


Philippines has had some mapping activity, so look for an image of the week from that area to show it off.

Finding forests

Can we get landsat infrared data, for improving countryside maps by making it easier to detect vegetation (e.g. forests) and field boundaries?

Using free-map

Free-map has only one zoom layer which makes it inconvenient to pan around the country. But could it be combined with some other renderer to be one level of a slippy map?

Browsing images

Suggestion that JOSM could benefit from a "transparency" slider to fade between different images of the same area.

Vertical routes

How do climbing routes get mapped? Or anything vertical (e.g. lifts, steps)


Free-map has an API for getting its annotation layer.

Route viewer

If tracklogs are tagged as being "a nice walk" or other similar route, then we could have a new interface to display those, perhaps overlaid on a map, and then downloadable GPX for someone who wants to follow the same route.

What's a right of way?

How can you get rights-of-way status from official maps without copyright problems? One suggestion was to have one person visit and write "path from x to y is a bridleway" and publish that as text for use by people doing surveying. That would make it obvious that the text isn't OS-derived because it doesn't contain positions or polylines.


Society of Cartographers is holding a conference soon in Portsmouth.


With so much discussion on "completeness", it would be useful to have area tags that indicate "mapped" and "unmapped" (perhaps rendered on maplint) so that coverage can be measured. These areas get moved and joined by people as they map areas, so keep them up to date as you're mapping.


Mapnik was demonstrated, running fast, with easy to use example code. There is a live-CD available for anyone who wants to play with it (dependancies are complex to install)


How are we tagging wheelchair-specific walks? Some of the routing guys were using feedback from such users to get a map of accessibility. ("peer groups for routing")

See Category:Disabilities for accessibility questions. --Lulu-Ann 15:30, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

Introducing the Geo-aware desktop

With Marble, KDE applications can be location-aware, with things like "find the files I created while in manchester" See also geoclue (which guesses location from GPS, wifi, etc)


Multimap can display OSM POIs, probably more efficiently than any other viewer at the moment


  • Maemo surveyor
  • mobile trails explorer

Assen is mapped.


Some people publish country borders, but they change so often. Can we have borders with the dates during which they existed?

Disaster response

Use of OLPC for disaster response - best laptop for that situation, plus scriptable everything, mesh wifi, and power.

"glide numbers" are IDs for disasters

My sketch map

Sketchmap demonstration - could be useful for use in classrooms and in art workshops, someone suggested.

Ideas for tiles@home

Framm suggests a WMS-style tiles server for OSM@home tiles, similar to the MapOf API (it just needs to be able to scale images at non-integer zoom levels)


Developer stats: 5000 at google geo, vs 50 at OSM

"Audit trail" is the magic wors for business users, multimap thinks

Downloading maps in convenient format for playing with by unskilled users AGM 11 August London

Devon party - (last week sep would be better for lawrence)