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Mac OS
Staufenberg rendered with osm2pov


My name is Oliver and I live in Staufenberg, a small town near Gießen, Germany.

I joined OSM in 2008 year ago and I really enjoy the fact that I can combine fitness (hiking) with intellectual stuff (map making, programming).

OSM Activities

Currently my focus is completing Staufenberg, especially addresses, buildings and missing amenities.

A good source on mapping activities in this area is OSM-Forum Mittelhessen. Another valuable resource is Georg's user page.

Other mapping locations are Allendorf (Lumbda) and Wilnsdorf, but quite rarely.

Useful Tools and Webpages

This is an incomprehensive collection of some nice web pages dealing with OSM stuff


About Me
OSM Logo This user submits data to OpenStreetMap under the name
JOSM OliverW submits data to OpenStreetMap using JOSM.
Flag of Germany.svg This user hails from Germany
Go Do Some Mapping OliverW
prefers to go outside and map.
OS X El Capitan logo.svg OliverW uses a computer running macOS.
Firefox OliverW prefers Mozilla Firefox.
Subversion Logo OliverW commits code to OpenStreetMap SVN under the name oliverw.
  • Columbus V-900 - a very neat and easy to use gadget - but poor data exchange via microSD card/bluetooth and proprietary file format. Therefore I wrote a JOSM plugin (see below). Anyway, this is my preferred one. See also the OSM Wiki pages for the V-900 in [english] or german. In the last weeks I experienced increasing problems with the audio recording - the record knob becomes sticky. In the meantime it is broken :-(
  • Wintec WSG-1000 - very powerful (e. g. barometric altitude), but firm- and software violate almost every rule of designing good user interfaces. It is always an adventure to get the tracks out of this device. There is also a brief review. Update: I had to cross a street in hurry and the WSG went out of my pocket. Since that I'm not able to read out the log data %&*§#!
  • Some weeks ago I bought the WBT-202 Wintec WBT-202 as replacement for the WSG-1000. The *ublox 5 chipset* provides excellent data and outperforms the V-900 by far. Nearly no outliers. However, I had occasinally problems when logging with the car. For unknown reason it misses a lot of points; there are gaps of 100km and more :-(
  • GlobalSat BT-335 - My first logger. Very neat, but dumb.
  • After upgrading to the IPhone 3GS I have a further GPS device - at least I thought that. To say it clear and short: The iPhone is a piece of s... for GPS logging. The battery is empty within 4-6 hours and there is no direct way to save your tracks. The good news is that the timestamp of taken pictures is perfectly synchronized with the track. Update: The 4S is much better; furthermore there are some neat apps which ease up mapping.

For logging I always take at least two (preferably three) devices with me. It is somewhat annoying when you drove 50km to discover that you missed the SD card of the V-900 or forgot to charge the device.


Furthermore I develop plugins for JOSM - namely

Please check also the JOSM plugin page.

Please report bugs or annoyances to me either by

Please describe the problem either in english or german. Otherwise I'm not able to understand and fix it ;-).