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Flag of Europe.svg This user hails from Europe
Deutschland PVitt hails from Deutschland
Nordrhein-Westfalen PVitt hails from Nordrhein-Westfalen
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de-N Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
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en-2 This user has intermediate knowledge of English.
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JOSM PVitt submits data to OpenStreetMap using JOSM.
Hot logo.svg PVitt volunteers at Humanitarian OSM Team.
Flag of Germany.svg PVitt has mapped in Germany.
Flag of Italy.svg PVitt has mapped in Italy.
Flag of Mali.svg PVitt has mapped in Mali.
Flag of India.svg PVitt has mapped in India.
Flag of Tanzania.svg PVitt has mapped in Tanzania.
Flag of Sudan.svg PVitt has mapped in Sudan.
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg PVitt has mapped in Congo-Kinshasa.
[[File:No flag.svg link=]] PVitt has mapped in Barbados.

My name is Peter. I am a software developer. Main activity area is Siegen-Wittgenstein, but I also take part in HOT.