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<body text="#000000" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">

While I was writing the following of this e-mail with Thunderbird, I copied&pasted its HTML code to:

Unfortunately, the <a tag does not work, but you see a workaround below.

All that was very WYSIWYG for what works.
Unfortunately, pasting again the message after I sent it to myself got a weird formating problem.

This is a HTML demo of HTML features that work in a wiki page.

This is a table of contents (with the Wiki tag _ _ T O C _ _ typed in HTML text)

Title 1

Title 2

  • list line 1
  • list line 2

centered line and table

<tbody> </tbody>
case 0 0

case 1 1

We can use wiki tags inside HTML text:

  1. Main_Page
  2. HTML in wiki pages
  3. and, most of all, highway=*.

This is a quotation test, unfortunately

without the left side vertical bar on the wiki.