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I heard about OSM in summer 2008 and was fascinated from the beginning.

Unfortunately I dont own any GPS device, so that I cannot contribute with own tracks yet.

Nevertheless I read "the book" [1] [2] (very good work, as I think, highly recommendable) and tried to do some improvements in areas, that I know (Dresden, Wrocław, Karlsruhe).

Tracking device

Since I am a biker, I am really dreaming about having a device which alows me to track on the bike and could maybe in the same time serve as a navigation system. And since I am studying mechatronics, it should be something self-engineered ;-)

So far I thought about the following components:

  • Controller: Something based on Atmel AT32 µC like e. g. NGW100 or ICnova/Grasshopper. There is a Linux kernel available for this controller.
  • GPS: Antaris Chips are said to be the most accurate on the marked today ... [3]
  • Cam & Microphone: On the bike no hands free to take notes, so there should be a possibility to record voice and also have imaging. For the cam a simple webcam (Ethernet or USB) should do. For voice recording best would be some in-helmet bluetooth-device like this one.
  • Display: An LCD would not be too bad. To adjust the camera, for setup and of course for the navi.

At the moment I am lacking time and money ... but as I said, this is what I would like to have! (contributors welcome)