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Hi there, I'm the user Petros Kleid. I edit and talk using the signature The Locksmith.

The project

I'm currently working on a project about Civil Protection. We are working on it in CERTH ( research institute in Greece. We need to edit/add some information in osm using josm about Civil Protection and Disaster Management of a specific area and after the end, the project will be available for use in other areas and countries. More specifically, at first we need the information given about the roads of the small town Amyndeo, Greece and the roads nearby. We'll need to add the number of vehicles that pass from this way in an hour according to their characteristics (name, lanes, speed limit, directions, turn restrictions etc). If they are not given we'll have to add those, too. After we have finished with that, we'll need to add some other information about the area of the western Macedonia. We'll need to take into account the probability of disasters either natural or human (industrial etc) and the possibility to solve them using the transportation web. So we'll have to know if there are any fire brigades, where the ground limits of each fire department are, where lakes, rivers, forests, sea and housing exist, if there are factories, industrial buildings, public buildings in the area we are concerned about. To do that we'll need to change some tags, such as wrong street names or type of highway (if there's something wrong), and add some new ones, so that our programmers will find the specific tags and make use of them to simulate the disaster management. We suggest those tags:

maxspeed (add/edit the speed limits according to the signs, the personal knowledge and the traffic police)
lanes (same with above)
oneway=yes/no (same with above)
name:en (the exact name in English)
name:el (the exact name in Greek)
and maybe highway_capacity=number (the maximum number of vehicles per hour that this road can handle without a traffic jam to occur)

Also, we'll need to add some boundaries about the fire departments limits. We suggest to use the type=boundary, boundary=fire tag and relations (name:en and name:el too). We haven't encountered any other problem yet as the project is ongoing. We request your suggestions about the tags or any other comment about our effort.

Source of Information

To edit the speed limits, names, numbers of lanes etc, I have used the maps of the area, the information given by the locals and by personal knowledge. About the number of vehicles HIT-Certh has given an approximation of these numbers as an acceptance of the real situation. So, depending on the data of the road we have used the following numbers:

Number of vehicles per hour:
 150: for highway=track (and highway=service when the road is small and narrow)
 300: for highway=service and highway=residential
 600: for highway=tertiary, highway=secondary and highway=primary only when maxspeed<90
 1200: for highway=primary](maxspeed>=90), highway=trunk and highway=motorway
Those numbers refer to one lane only. When the road has more lanes the number is multiplied with the number
of the lanes.
For example: highway=primary, maxspeed=80, lanes=2, oneway=no -> highway_capacity=600*2=1200.

For the service boundaries of the fire brigades we have used the data that is given in, a public, govermental open source of information with the license to be used in openstreetmaps (http://www. We have also used information from and to locate the fire brigades