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Quelques exemples d'étiquetage de relations.



Key Value
type route
route mtb
name Ambullas
ref 7
operator FFC VTT Le Canigou
mtb:difficulty novice / easy / intermediate / advanced

Voies Vertes

Key Value
type route
route bicycle
network rcn
name Voie Verte de Saint-Affrique

Randonnée pédestre

Tag Comment
network=iwn/nwn/rwn/lwn Specify the network as an international route, a national route, a regional route, or a local route.
ref=number (optional)
symbol=trail markings Description of trail markings (optional, but required for some renderings)
colour=* (optional) Colour code noted in hex triplet format. Example: "#008080" for teal colour
distance=number (optional) The distance covered by this route, if known. For information of users and automatic evaluation e.g. of completeness. Given including a unit and with a dot for decimals. (e.g. "12.5km")
name=* (optional) The name of the route e.g. Pennine Way
description=* (optional) a short description
operator=* (optional) The route is operated/maintained by this authority/organisation etc.

Sports d'hiver

Key Value
type route
route ski
sport skiing
leisure track
piste:type nordic (fond)

hike (raquettes)
downhill (alpin)

piste:difficulty novice (vert)

easy (bleu)
intermediate (rouge)
advanced (noir)
freeride (orange sur osmarender)

name Le Cortal
ref 1
operator Espace Nordique du Capcir