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I live in Mechelen, which is between Antwerp and Brussels.

I started by taking pictures to solve notes, especially in Brussels. Now there are too many silly notes to continue with that work.

I did

- bicycle facilities in Brussels and Mechelen (not maintained by me)

- toilets in Brussels and Mechelen

- zebra crossings and stairs in Brussels (not maintained by me)

- all the drinking water fountains in Brussels and Flanders

- many defibrillators with pictures in Flanders

- emergency POIs such as life rings and fire extinguishers

- I cleaned up the churches in Flanders

- I cleaned up the man_made=survey_point in Flanders

- details of Sport Vlaanderen Domein in Hofstade

- the emergency path numbers in Kalmthoutse Heide

- block numbers in BASF Antwerpen

- some geodetic points, done with JOSM

- simple corrections and additions.

I improved the bookmarklets to switch between OSM-Mapillary-Google Maps.

I have photographed all roads and bicycle roads between Brussels, Antwerp and Leuven with Mapillary.

I covered all national roads in Flanders with Mapillary.

I photographed the banks of the Schelde and the Northsea coast from Gent to De Panne.

I often tag in the Mapillary pictures the things I don't want to map. Such as the public bicycle pumps because of their illogical tagging.

I use the OSM Mapillary tag on all small objects, so that they can be maintained.

I stopped seriously contributing to Mapillary after some disagreements after 13 million pictures.

Nevertheless I began again and I am now at 18 million pictures.