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Ear piece

If outdoors, use an ear piece. I am 95 % sure this works not with Android. Did you maybe use an Iphone ? Even with a wired headset, I still hear the shutter from the smartphone, not in the headset. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Philippec (talkcontribs) 19 June 2015

Show the way

Wouldn't it be better to show a real start like a station and an clear destination like a school ? —Preceding unsigned comment added by Philippec (talkcontribs) 19 June 2015

Thank you for the bookmarklet OSM<->Mapillary enhancement

Thank you for your contribution in correcting the bug in the bookmarklet! I also tested it yesterday and it looks good. Thanks too for the commentary in the corresponding diary page on
By the way, there is a habit on every wiki page : when you finish a message in a discussion page, please SIGN your message, so the next reader can easily know who wrote the comment and when. To sign a messagen, you just have to add four "~" in a row after your last sentence. There is also the icon button on the toolbar.
And there is a last habit: people are used to indenting their comment: just add one ":" at the start of each of your paragraphs if you are the first comment, two if you are the second etc -- Thaïti Bob (talk) 16:20, 13 July 2017 (UTC)


Regarding your latest edit on the page Key:mapillary: In which way does Overpass Turbo use the mapillary=* key? Key:mapillary about the tagging of objects in Mapillary images should in my opinion be rather mentioned on the page Mapillary. The page Key:mapillary is about the OSM-tag and Mapillary uses a different tagging system. --Floscher (talk) 00:07, 30 December 2017 (UTC)