Mechanical Edits/Piotr J - removing 'addr:city' tag where it duplicates 'addr:place' tag in Poland

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Page content created as advised on Automated_Edits_code_of_conduct#Document_and_discuss_your_plans.


I, Piotr J using Overpass turbo and JOSM.


message via OSM I will be notified about incoming PMs via email and notifications in OSM editors.


On the area of Poland removing addr:city=* where it duplicates addr:place=* for all addresses with addr:housenumber=*, which not contain addr:street=*. It is in line with general recommendation of addressing in Poland. In most of the cases it is standard way of addressing in villages without street names in Poland.


Duplicating addr:city=* with addr:place=* is not recommended by local community in Poland. Removing duplicated tags manually where it gives no benefit is a waste of time, it is better use mapping time for something more useful.


Over 500K cases in Poland.


An example ( ):
state before a mechanical edit:

state after a mechanical edit:

Changeset would be described and tagged with tags that mark it as automatic and provide link to discussion approving edit. It would include at least:

Changeset split into small areas to avoid continent-sized bounding boxes.

Edits generated by JOSM.



Redoing this edit in the future would be treated as a new mechanical edit with a new approval process.


Please comment in the discussion thread (see #Discussion).


This has been generated by the overpass-turbo wizard.
// gather results
  node["addr:street"!~".*"]["addr:housenumber"]["addr:city"]["addr:place"](if: t["addr:city"] == t["addr:place"])({{bbox}});
  way["addr:street"!~".*"]["addr:housenumber"]["addr:city"]["addr:place"](if: t["addr:city"] == t["addr:place"])({{bbox}});
  relation["addr:street"!~".*"]["addr:housenumber"]["addr:city"]["addr:place"](if: t["addr:city"] == t["addr:place"])({{bbox}});
// print results
out meta;/*fixed by auto repair*/
out meta qt;/*fixed by auto repair*/