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Case Status Person to deal with notes
"Glühwürmchen" case near Hamburg Redacted frederik
complaints from "Lobelt" somewhat processed by asking all the accused, but many of them just replied that they believe their edits are legitimate and I left it at that without investigating (number of hours in the day etc.); Lobelt has re-iterated his claims recently Redacted Frederik
Mass node-move by Kostik Redacted pnorman July 17, April 10 lists checked. Changesets not added were not mass-moves
Mass node-move by Medoff (complaint from Ilya Zverev) Redacted pnorman
BroadwayLamb copying from google: ? Frederik
Your Village Maps (source=google) messaged pnorman
anton_jakarta (copying from google) data deleted, but not redacted frederik
ikovaltaras (copying from google?) ? ?
UMP data Redacted many
GADM data Running, but not holding up odbl release simonpoole LLAQWA_ECU_ADMIN_8 complete
Andrey Cedoykin Redacted pnorman
HansJ - redact all changsets tagged "OSMI-LC" Finished, with failures pnorman 11048873 failed to redact but judged to be clean
Mr_Israel - complaint by Gert Gremmen (cetest) Redacted simonpoole
P Kenneth M Mora Redacted pnorman
r-michael Redacted pnorman
tijuca Redacted pnorman
Teddy80 Redacted pnorman

smaller list of changesets

Changeset Case Completed
11164799 Kostik Redacted
11197427 Kostik Redacted
11197383 Kostik Redacted
12691945 P Kenneth M Mora Redacted
11806364 P Kenneth M Mora Redacted
11802772 P Kenneth M Mora Redacted
12266572 Medoff Redacted
12264288 Kostik Redacted
12265786 Kostik Redacted
12265108 Kostik Redacted
12265551 Kostik Redacted
12264621 Kostik Redacted
12264538 Kostik Redacted
11250268 Kostik Redacted
11247796 Kostik Redacted
11210089 Kostik Redacted
11210037 Kostik Redacted
11199520 Kostik Redacted
11196943 Kostik Redacted
11162538 Kostik Redacted
10538363 RaZoR88 Redacted
10538728 RaZoR88 Redacted
10538655 RaZoR88 Redacted
10538566 RaZoR88 Redacted
11046567 HansJ Non-relations redacted, relations declared OK
10804454 HansJ Non-relations redacted, relations declared OK
10799945 HansJ Non-relations redacted, relations declared OK
10799912 HansJ Non-relations redacted, relations declared OK
12030037 steffenbk Non-relations running