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About me

Remco van Zuijlen,

a Dutch bloke, 35 years old, who tries to make a contribution to the OSM community.

I have started to make an attempt by mapping the Hilversum region ('t Gooi) of the Netherlands.
If you live in the same region please contact me (You can do so by clicking here).

Some examples of a partly mapped Bussum on a Garmin device (GPSmap 60CSx) (pictures made by User:Michiel):

Bussum on a Garmin GPSmap 60CSx
Bussum on a Garmin GPSmap 60CSx

More screenshots

Bussum on a Garmin Etrex Vista Cx
Garmin map setup showing OSM data selected
Pointer on the Muntplein in Amsterdam on Garmin device
Pointer on the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam on Garmin device

AND Data screenshots:

Bussum from AND data on a Garmin Etrex Vista Cx
Naarden vesting from AND data on a Garmin Etrex Vista Cx

(screenshots made with xImage)


GPS tracking equipment used by me:

- GlobalSat bluetooth GPS Receiver
- Apple Powerbook G4 running gpsd (
- Some Perl scripts.
- Optionally an old Sony Ericsson T610 for live realtime GPS position tracking by GPRS (

Recently I got a Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox T830 smartphone. It runs Windows Mobile 5 and has an integrated SirfStarIII GPS receiver. But I haven't found any good tracker software yet.

I also found out today that an old Navman iCN 510 I own can log tracks as well. It's also the least of a hassle to get ready for use.

Now I also have a Garmin Etrex Vista Cx ( for tracking, and for putting the latest OSM maps on.


Public domain
All my contributions to OpenStreetMap are released into the public domain. This applies worldwide.
In case this is not legally possible, I grant anyone the right to use my contributions for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.