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Hello, I made a collaborative POI & website sharing mapping tool in Google Maps (using Javascript PHP and mySQL), and then in research for it found out about this. It would overlap with this in a bad way, because data in that tool would not be open license to use here (as far as I understand the discussions here and a limited number of the Google Maps API discussion group), so that project is on hold at the moment.

I've set up a mediawiki's and phpBB boards for various people, so whilst I don't have a GPS, I'd be happy to help with wiki maintance, after exams (and after I know what I'm doing next year) I'll likely have a look at the code for the various editors and see if anyone would like assistance. I've done projects in C# and Java, and just made the mapping tool in JS, PHP and mySQL, so know that quite well.

I found out about this after Mapchester, but I might come along to the next one!

I'm based in Manchester until the end of June.

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This user uses or has experience with a GlobalSat BT - 338 and is willing to answer questions on it from OSM users.