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I help admin a Manchester based wiki and I made a map->wiki link to provide a different way of seeing manchester. I made it in Google Maps, but I thought you *might* be interested in me using OSM instead. I can easily use GM, but there were a few reasons I haven't gone ahead with it The main reason is that you might be interested in importing the POI data into OSM. Is this a dumb though? It'll be most university buildings, bars, clubs, shops, takeaways, maybe 'areas' like Salford. Is that something your interested in, or is it going to be easy to collect anyway? The other reason is that its good advertising for OSM, which is good :)

Anyway, this is here for storage and I'll probably post it on the talk mailing list when the manchester data gets more developed. If you want to answer here though, feel free :).

(The wiki is manchester uni's one its been finding its feet this year, its small and hasnt had any advertising)