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This is an introduction to my test page where I will learn how to create a wiki page.

Special Formatting

If I do not want to use wiki formatting I can use tags like <nowiki><nowiki> <\nowiki> to get rid of the usual wiki formatting.

For example, to show something in bold you need to use three apostrophes (') like this <nowiki>bold<nowiki>

Headings and Sub-Headings

To create different headings and sub-headings you use the (=) sign. This is how they look.

Heading 1

<nowiki>== Heading 1 ==<nowiki>

Heading 2

<nowiki> === Heading 2 ===<nowiki>

Heading 3

<nowiki> ==== Heading 3 ====<nowiki>


  • This is an item in a bullet list
  • Another item
  • The third item

  1. A
  2. Numbered
  3. List

  • Or
    1. A combination of
    2. bullets and
  • Numbers


You can link to the Map Features page easily:

I can link to wikipedia like this:

And I can create external links too:


This is a caption to for my example table
I am creating two rows with two cells in each row This means I will have two columns
I can add more rows and colums Easily