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About Me
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Go Do Some Mapping.png Robert Vanyi uses a Garmin Nüvi and is willing to answer questions on it from OSM users.
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Born in Hungary, living in Germany. I'm using Garmin nüvi 2360 for mapping.


This section is about the way I edit OSM, so that I can do it consistently. ;)


I use the nüvi 2360. It's not perfect, but it works. Things to do before logging: 1) turn off maps (Tools->Settings->myMaps), otherwise the track will be snapped to existing roads. 2) Clear trip log (Tools->Settings->Navigation->{Automobile|Pedestrian}->Trip Log) for both automobile and pedestrian. 3) Also verify that "Show on Map" is disabled, otherwise it won't log into Current.gpx.

Logging: select pedestrian mode for walking, and vehicle mode for jogging, running, biking, driving. Vehicle mode seems to be more accurate, but it doesn't seem to work under a certain speed. To log a POI or another interesting point, just save it into Favorites (tap on the vehicle icon on the map view, it will display the current position after a few seconds, and then tap on save).

Uploading: the 2360 can be connected to a computer as a mass storage device. Log is in GPX/Current.gpx. It contains the track log and also all points from Favorites. Copy the gpx file to the computer and edit as necessary (eg. remove some Favorites - home, work, etc.). As the name of the file I use date_city.gpx, for example 2011-09-27_Dieburg.gpx. When uploading I use the following tags: city, country, navi brand, navi type, navi mode. For example: Dieburg, Germany, Garmin, nüvi, 2360, vehicle


Pages that I found useful for mapping:

Using OSM on the nüvi: