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Initial Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday, 17 October 2012
  • Time: 1800H UTC
  • Location: #osm-strategic on, or #osm-strategic on
  • Attendees: Those wishing to participate in the proposed Welcome Working Group.
  • Duration: 30 minutes


Participants will introduce themselves briefly, with the skills and participation level they intend to offer to the group.


  • SomeoneElse
  • rieffel
  • pnorman
  • cquest
  • RM87
  • mackerski
  • bfx
  • wonderchook
  • rweait


Introductions: 5 minutes

Working group staff

Staffing committed to this potential working group so far.

Volunteers: Scientific oversight and experiment design:

Management Team contact:

  • mackerski

Board oversight:

  • mackerski

Language, culture and translations:

  • several volunteers

Additional staffing is required for key positions to make this group viable.

Chair, to host meetings and keep them moving

  • chair and backup needed

Secretary, to prepare agenda and minutes, send reminder notices

  • secretary and backup needed

Coders, to write tools to execute or assist in the experients.

  • rieffel
  • ideally a pool of three is needed


Previous research

What can we learn from previous research? Tasks were assigned at User:Rw/Proposal:Welcome Working Group/Initial meeting agenda

  • (Komzpa) check own research
  • not available for comment
  • "about 20%" respond with positive email, from ~1300 emails across France
  • (SomeoneElse) own research
  • approx 66% email reply to hyper local email offering editing advice.
  • 16 of 19 new mappers continued to map after contact by local user.

this week

Several volunteers to track new signups locally, send a form letter to half and compare mapping activity between groups.

  • Follow up.

Other business

pnorman asked if technical tags from imports, etc. we discouraging new users from editing objects.

  • how can we measure this?

pnorman asked the use rate of various editor software for an account first edit?

  • query to follow.

Next meeting

Wednesday 24 October 2012, 1800H UTC on #osm-strategic

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