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Having organised a couple of footpath mapping meetings, and gone on several with nickw, I gradully realise which things I failed to do very well.

Six Weeks before

  • Choose a location and Date
  • Set-up Doodle Poll if either is a variable
  • Research places for lunch (pubs) in the area
  • Update OSM w.r.t key amenities (parking, pubs, restaurants, bus stops etc)
  • Announce on talk-gb
  • Add to OSM Calendar
  • Update Wiki page

Two weeks before

  • Prepare a umap instance to indicate mapping targets
- for footpaths etc this will usually be an extract from rowmaps
  • Reminder email to list
  • Message local mappers not known to be on talk-gb
  • Prepare base map using OS Open Mapping (this will be main handout)
  • Prepare extract from OS mapping (experience shows that using generalised OS Open Data Meridian might not be enough) & saves wrestling with unweildy OS maps in the field

One week before

  • Reminder email to list

Day before

  • Ensure an up-to-date extract of area is available
  • Generate missing PRoW Garmin overlay
  • Update umap instance
  • Extract notes/fixmes for area as GPX (as per User:SomeoneElse)
  • Possibly generate print out for notes /fixmes
  • Print out umap of area
  • Reminder email to talk-gb list
  • Reminder tweet
  • Ensure have phone numbers for pubs etc
  • Possibly put together other info about area

On the Day

  • Final reminder tweet
  • Pack OSM materials (laminated sign, umap/base map etc)
  • Pack spare set of warm clothes
  • Pencil & paper
  • Standard walking kit