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JOSM SamuelLB submits data to OpenStreetMap using JOSM.
Keypad-Mapper 3 SamuelLB contributes data to OpenStreetMap using Keypad-Mapper 3.
Go Do Some Mapping SamuelLB
prefers to go outside and map.
Bike SamuelLB
is a bicyclist.
Flag of Sweden.svg SamuelLB has mapped in sweden.


  • Building outlines
  • House numbers
  • Road names (but OSM is almost complete in the Stockholm area now, except for the far away peripheral areas, e.g. rural areas on islands)
  • I've created a script that combines OSM data from Overpass API with Kodapan's extracted postal code/road database of Sweden, to list missing or unknown roads in OSM. Here's a sample output: [1]


  • I'm a local mapper mostly, but I think armchair mappers are important to OSM to get good coverage and to save the on-the-ground mappers some time. So feel free to go ahead an do some armchair mapping in my neighborhood :)
  • Currently mapping the northern part of Haninge, Sweden. See my OSM user page for details
  • Where I have mapped in the past (Heat Map).

Address surveying tips


  • Check OSM before you go out mapping, to avoid duplicate work :) And also to see what type of mapping is needed.
  • First make sure roads exist in OSM. Trace them from aerial imagery. Mark as "highway=road" until you have checked which type of road it is (e.g. residential road, living street, cycleway) and that there are no obstacles on the road (e.g. poles, gates, etc).
  • If road names are missing, print out a map and put a number on each road (and other POIs, e.g. schools). Attach the paper to a hard surface (e.g. with rubber bands) and go out and note the road names. Result might look like this
  • If house numbers are missing, use an app like KeypadMapper 3. If you don't have a smartphone, you can print out a map from OSM and write the numbers on it. If you don't have a printer either, you could try the Poor Man's Address Mapping

To not look suspicious while mapping by bike or foot:

  • Don't look back at peoples homes/cars etc. It will make you look suspicious.
  • Try to walk/bike at a slow but constant speed and if you need time, stop between houses or at crossings. If you need lots of time (e.g. because there are many details), consider walking.
  • Go straight through multiple areas, instead of mapping everything in one area at once. Next time, take a slightly different route (and so on), and eventually you'll have mapped everything in all of the areas!

For efficient mapping:

  • Don't bother surveying tiny amounts of missing data (unless you happen to be passing through that area with missing information). Save all missing information until last, and then fix all of it at once.
  • Make sure to have the surveying app ready (e.g. KeypadMapper), so you can survey when going on a trip far away from home. Eventually you'll run out of nearby areas to map ;)
  • If you plan to relocate, set some goals for what to finish before moving. This way you can get a lot done, but don't set to big goals or you'll spend all your free time mapping ;)
  • Go out surveying on sunny days, and consider it an outdoor activity / exercising :)
  • Consider that tracing many small buildings into JOSM takes a lot of time. Do the "armchair" mapping on rainy days, or while traveling by public transport.


Nothing special really:

  • Old bike from ~2003/2004
  • Cheap Android phone (with GPS!) + KeypadMapper 3
  • Old laser printer to print OSM maps, when this is more convenient than the smartphone app above.
  • Laptop to upload changes with JOSM

If you can, try to get a phone which has a compass also, because apparently KeypadMapper can make use of that as well. If you have an expensive phone it probably has, but my cheap phone doesn't.