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Lateral marks

Buoys used are red or green can, conical, pillar or spar buoys with or without topmarks according to IALA B with green marks on right bank and red marks on left bank as seen when moving upstream. Green buoys with a red band (equal to the IALA B preferred channel) is used to mark bifucation of the navigational channel

Left bank marks

Notice Symbol ...notice:category Where used
PPWBC L navigate along bank.svg keep_to_starboard
PPWBC L navigate mid river.svg keep_to_port
PPWBC L bifucation.svg secondary_waterway_right or secondary_waterway_left
PPWBC L change bank.svg move_to_port or move_to_starboard

Right bank marks

Notice Symbol ...notice:category Where used
PPWBC R navigate along bank.svg
PPWBC R navigate mid river.svg
PPWBC R bifucation.svg
PPWBC R change bank.svg

Other marks

Notice Symbol ...notice:category Where used
PPWBC isolated danger.svg

Bridge Marks

Used in General all over Brazil to mark safe passing channel under bridges

Notice Symbol ...notice:category Where used
BNIWR R bridge.svg
BNIWR L bridge.svg
BNIWR center channel.svg

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