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My name is Steve and I have been mapping in the south Worcester, UK area since October 2009 when I discovered my local area had only 2 main roads mapped. I have had an interest in maps ever since primary school where we drew maps initally of our class room then the school, village, town, county and eventually the country. So discovering OSM has given me the chance to make a contribution to mapping my area.

For collecting data I originally used a Car SatNav which gave me 2-3 hours before I had to connect the backup battery power supply (knocked up from a few components from Maplin). Since then I have been given a Garmin eTrex Vista HCx onto which I can load the OSM map. It is better for mapping but I still miss the bigger display and the touch screen.

For editing I use JOSM on a PC. The new JOSM/Plugins/ImproveWayAccuracy plugin makes updating existing ways much easier and should become core functionality.

Mapping Achievements

Kempsey map.

All the remaining WR1, WR2, WR3, WR4, WR5 and WR8 postboxes and many of the WR7, WR9 & WR14 boxes. Dracos.

Local sections of long distance footpaths WikiProject United Kingdom Long Distance Paths

relation Diamond Way
relation Geopark Way
relation Glevum Way
relation Gloucestershire Way
relation Gustav Holst Way
relation Herefordshire Trail
relation Jack Mytton Way
relation Millenium Way, Warks
relation Monarch,s Way
relation Sabrina Way
relation Severn Way
relation Shakespeare's Avon Way
relation Shropshire Way
relation Suffolk Coast Path
relation Three Choirs Way
relation Wardens Way
relation Winchcombe Way
relation Windrush Way
relation Worcestershire Way
relation Wychavon Way
relation Wysis Way

Worcestershire Local Walking Routes Worcestershire#Local_Paths.

The 5 Worcester Leisure cycle routes WikiProject United Kingdom National Cycle Network/Local Routes.

Norton Barracks map.

St Peter's, Worcester map.

Power lines and pylons between Malvern, Worcester and Droitwich.

Footpaths in area between Worcester, River Severn, M5 Motorway and Upton on Severn.

Worcestershire parish boundaries from OS Opendata - Boundary_Line

Holiday Mapping

Beachclub - Sivota - The Retreat, Greece map

Flotila - various ports and sea marks starting from Nydri, Greece map

Beachclub - Club Teos, Turkey map

Skiing - Updated pistes and lifts in Grandvalira, Andorra map

Beachclub - Club Adakoy, Marmaris, Turkey map

Beachclub - Anastasia Resort, Kassandria, Greece map

Flotila - various ports and sea marks around Kassandria peninsula map

Skiing - Updated pistes and lifts in Alpe D'Huez map

Beachclub - Andriake Beachclub, Demre, Turkey map

Skiing - Updated pistes and lifts in Nendaz, Switzerland map

Mapping Parties

Kidderminster - Spennells

Monarch's Way Distibuted Mapping Party October 8

Mapping History

I started by mapping my estate and then my village by foot and on bicycle in the days before OS OpenData Street View (OSSV) and Bing Satellite Imagery. I then turned my attention towards Worcester and the St Peters area. Then the OS StreetView data arrived and large areas of Worcester were 'traced' by someone from outside the area who never followed up by adding POIs and footpaths. I almost gave up on working on the city and indeed have not mapped a large residential area in the same way since.

Instead I started to follow routes which had a theme or purpose to them. The first of these were the local marked cycle routes were I also collected post-boxes, pubs and noted footpaths etc. This was followed by cycle expeditions to find and map post-boxes using the Dracos list as a guide. I have mapped some of Worcester's out of town shopping area but tend to stay out of the centre. Another theme was mapping electricity pylons by getting under them with a GPS, but Bing Imagery has made injuries from stinging nettles and brambles a thing of the past.

My current interest is in mapping short sections of long distance footpaths where I usually devise an alternative return route to map. I include styles, gates, pubs and post-boxes, and now that Bing Imagery is available, field boundaries and isolated trees that can be seen from the path. I favour the use OSSV and Bing Sat imagery in conjunction with GPS but try and use it responsibly in areas that I personally know and have visited. The Sat imagery often shows up poor road alignment from NPE tracing and can help to make crooked GPS traces straight. Tracing road centrelines and hedges is great fun, but it is easy to get carried away.

I have benefited over the years from having other OSM members as work colleagues and I try to keep a look out for new OSM contributors in the area to encourage.


Mappa Mercia

How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap ?

Extracting data from OSM

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