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Srw is one of two, and possibly the only active OSMer in Saskatchewan, Canada. Saskatchewan is a province with an area of about 588,000km2, and over 190,000km of roads. (source: )

Srw, who feels uncomfortable typing in 3rd person, lives in Saskatoon and has focused his mapping efforts there. However, when traveling, he is likely to take his GPS along and map other areas including attempting to make a dent on Saskatchewan's 26,000km of highways.

Recent Activity

June, 2007: spent a lot of time writing software to automatically trace rivers from Landsat images. Traced a number of rivers in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

May 31st, 2007: traced a bunch of highways from Landsat. (11 north to PA, 312 from 12 to 2, 41 from Saskatoon to Wakaw)

May 28-30, 2007: converted some WDB II data to OSM. Added Lake Diefenbaker, North Saskatchewan River, and South Saskatchewan River. Z6 is starting to look like Saskatchewan, if we can just dry the place out.

May 16th, 2007: spent hours hashing out, researching, hashing out more, road tagging guidelines with Dshpak to come up with something somewhat consistent between Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

May 15th, 2007: had work in Davidson. Between jobs attempted to map the whole town. Forgot about the roads east of government road, though, as well as a small section of King Edward Street and Frontage Road. Got the official town map from Town Hall, and it differs significantly from reality.