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NOTE: This is draft only, but feedback, contributions and ideas are welcome.


Prevent creation of new sock puppet accounts for potential acts of vandalism on larger scale and spam. Gradually give trust to users, and give them additional privileges. It should not be in the way when new users want to contribute normally. It should not encourage competition so that itself doesn't become an abuse target.

If you think you can stop this sort of thing you have already failed, attempting to limit abuse is achievable in varying degrees depending how much time and effort and other resources you want to exert. --Delta foxtrot2 15:40, 21 August 2009 (UTC)


  • Allow editing
  • allow larger daily bbox for changes
  • allow more daily edits (number of affected nodes, ways...)
  • Allow more daily diary entries and comments
  • allow sending larger Geomessages
  • allow making reverts of other's edits (if once that will be possible)
  • allow deleting larger regions
  • allow deleting with deletion of complete history (as was the case with Ukraine)


  • Accepted the licence (as it is done already today) Extra points for digitally signing, extra points if signed with a PGP key in a strong set (permanent, doesn't decay)
  • Confirmed, active email address (as it is done already today)
  • Time since signing up
  • Regular editing activity
  • Track uploads
  • Passed a quiz involving some tagging and some legal questions (just making sure user reads the licence and tagging FAQ and understands it). Points decay, but user can re-take it to regain points.
  • Regular activity in other systems? (mailing lists, forums, wiki, svn repository, diary/blog, trac...) Perhaps totally different systems shouln't be mixed - one who can program or is very vocal doesn't necessarily yet know how to map well and shouldn't be trusted with enormous imports and vice versa)
  • Rated by other users (manualy: reverted changesets, reported spam in diary, getting comments to a diary entry while not being flagged as spam...) ?
  • Friend of a trusted user (mentor, introducer, bot owner)
  • only the last 12 months count, points start to gradually decay after 6 months. Moderate activity should be enough to maintain high-enough score.

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