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Author Sozialhelden e.V.
License Free?
Platform Web
Version 1.0 (2015-02-27)
Languages German and English
Source code http://

Tool for importing datasets

POIchecker ( is a tool to import datasets into the OpenStreetMap. On the website users can check nearby places and compare them with data from the OpenStreetMap.

Who is behind POIchecker?

Wheelmap is an initiative of “Sozialhelden e.V.“(de), a German non-profit association located in Berlin that also provides the Wheelmap.

How can I participate ?

Statistics & Mission

The current number of tagged places grows steadily (around 200 per day). Find the number in the lower left corner of

Our mission is to collect a lot of data from all kind of organisations. We are currently talking to a lot of people in the government / administration area but also with some representatives of larger corporations too. Stay tuned!

Will wheelmap be fully open sourced?

Currently we have open sourced the Android app, and some other tools we have made. You can access the code on Github. The website, iPhone app and the wheelmap API are not released as open source for now.

How can we identify Wheelmap as a data source in OpenStreetMap

The openstreetmap-user "wheelmap_visitor" is used to enter tags which have been added by anonymous visitors of or the mobile apps. Wheelmap users who edit more than just the wheelchair-tag have to connect Wheelmap with their own openstreetmap-account.

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