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My work on mapping parts of London, errors I find, etc. I have mostly been mapping:


The map around Peckham Rye and East Dulwich is the most detailed, accurate and complete map I have so far come across. Here are some special spots:

  • Peckham Rye Park, with all the foot/cycle paths, landscaping features and amenities


A table of known errors in my area, see Copyright Easter Eggs for background information. Where "A-Z" are mentioned it refers to my 2001 edition; these errors can generally also be found in the excellent London Cycle Guides produced by Transport for London.

Area Street Name Error Source Description Photograph URL
Peckham Rye Strakers Road MultiMap/A-Z Shown with an apostrophe in the name (Straker`s Road) Strakers.jpg [1]
Peckham Rye Adys Road A-Z Shown with an apostrophe in the name (Ady`s Road)
East Dulwich East Dulwich Estate MultiMap/A-Z Mistakenly called "Dog Kennel Hill Estate" [2]