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Tilwa Qendov
osm traces carte
Pays France

I map benches for fun.



I use virtual=yes for roads (in the broader sense) that don't exist physically, but are there to join road networks.

For example, consider a road with sidewalks and a pedestrian footway that connects to the sidewalk. Since the road way will be placed in the middle of the road, but the footway is obviously connected to the sidewalk, there's a portion of the road that doesn't actually exist, and is due to the fact that roads are not lines. This is my solution to the question I asked on OSM Help : How do I tag a way that is used by routing but doesn't really exist?


I use cycleway:paint=* to add the cycleway's color.

Because knowing whether the cycleway is painted or not, is relevant visual information for navigation and for rider safety. I saw that surface:colour=* already exists; but it refers to colour=* which is heavily-implied to use sRGB, which I find too restrictive. I plan on using cycleway:paint=dark_red and cycleway:paint=green where appropriate.