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I am live and map in Sheffield. I'm normally known as either twain or twain47 on various boards. Feel free to say hi!


  • Email: openstreetmap (at) brian (d) quinion (d) co (d) uk
  • IRC: twain47


I'm responsible for the majority of the mapping of Sheffield and surrounding areas. My hope is to complete the mapping of roads and cycleways in the area this year (2009) - but I said that last year!

I've also mapped bits of Milton Keynes and Bradford at mapping parties

I log using GisTeq Photo Trackr Which is a lovely bit of hardware, very accurate, simple and with the option of an external aerial. It suffers from some horrible software that is required to download tracks or it would be nearly perfect.

Graphics / Design

I'm responsible for drawing / collecting most of the SVG icons used on the Mapnik render. Icons are available from svn or from my company website.

I'm currently working on an OS style Mapnik stylesheet, a demo slippery map might be available and working, or might not.


I've done a small amount of development work on Mapnik, osm2pgsql and mod_tile

I'm currently working on a new search engine for geocoding address / name searches called Nominatim.