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Here, I documented how I tagged a 'Stations of the Cross'. It only deals with a series of outdoor shrines, not the small plaque inside a church! This should be refined and discussed with the community.

The discussion is now open, see [1]

From this input, I did some changes to get a consistent and simple tagging schema.

Definition and Explanations

Individual stations

this proposal is mirrored on Talk:Proposed features/Route=Worship

Individual stations

key value (example) req/opt note
amenity place_of_worship req
historic wayside_shrine req or wayside_cross, plaque
religion christian req
denomination roman_catholic req I think that's required
name Vorster Kreuzweg 8 req
tags from 'historic=wayside_shrine'
description pfeilerartigen Aufbau aus Werksteinquadern opt describe the architecture
inscription Veronika reicht Jesus das Schweißtuch opt more or less standard
image // ... opt image of this object
start_date 1704 opt
if the individual object is part of a heritage list
heritage 8 req
heritage:operator UntereDenkmalbehörde req
heritage:ref 37 req number in the list
heritage:website // ... opt


Gather all stations and the way; will normally start/end at a church;

If only the stations are known, use a site relation; If the pilgrimage way is known, add these ways and use type=route and route=hiking.

The common tag to identify a Stations of the Cross will be worship=stations_of_the_cross

Relation Type
key value req/opt note
type site req shown on Historical Objects map
type route req
route hiking req shown on Waymarked Trails and on Historical Objects map

common to both types:

key value (example) req/opt note
worship stations_of_the_cross req unique handle e.g. for Overpass
historic place_of_worship req handle for Historical Objects map
name Vorster Kreuzweg opt
religion christian req
denomination roman_catholic req
pilgrimage yes opt
wikipedia opt


role seems unnecessary; keep the locations sorted (first is start, last is end); sort the ways in the same direction


Name OSM Historic
Petersberger Bittweg osm hist
Vorster Kreuzweg osm hist
Fußfallstationen Süchteln osm hist