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  • Name: Jakub Klawiter
  • Place: Poznań/Poland/Europe
  • Booted up on: september 1974
  • JabberID:
  • My OSM profile: OpenStreetMap: Jakub Klawiter



  • OS: Gentoo Linux - Linux distribution
  • Viking - program to manage GPS data
  • CompeGPS (with WINE) - program to manage GPS data with special features for paraglides (Windows version only)
  • Mkgmap - Tool to create garmin maps from OSM files
  • sendmap20 - Tool for sending IMG maps to Garmin GPS reciever
  • Osmosis - Commandline tool to process openstreetmap data
  • unLogIt - unlogit - my Perl script to download tracklog from MuzzyLoggeR and (probably) any device using LogIt protocol and save it in GPX file format. IF YOU HAVE LogIt DEVICE PLEASE TEST SCRIPT AND REPORT ANY PROBLEMS!


routing with OSM