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This is a collection of concepts / ideas for achievements in StreetComplete. Where I need most help is to find

  • What things in the OSM ecosystem warrant an introduction and link
  • What apps use certain OSM data

But also:

  • Other interesting links to map related things
  • Other ideas for achievements not necessarily related to any certain use of OSM data or as a pretense to introduce users to OSM

Please, feel free to add anything here, this is most of all first a brainstorming, collecting information. The discussion page can be used to discuss details of single proposals. I might curate the stuff collected here later, or on a separate page.

In bold the links that definitely go into the app.

Things that should be part of an introduction to OSM

The "order" column should be a number indicating if this should f.e. be the very first link the user is given, or if this should be mentioned later. For example, JOSM, mailing lists, overpass etc. should probably rather be mentioned later, how to connect to the local community earlier.

order link explanatory SHORT text that could be

shown in the achievement

proposed by open source comment
1 New to OpenStreetMap? Here is a beginner's guide westnordost yes Perhaps a bit too much info
1 Welcome to the community! Get in touch with other OpenStreetMap enthusiasts! westnordost yes Website is a little awkward to use on mobile, maybe a bit of an overload (of choices). The list should rather be included into the app differently.
1 Welcome to OpenStreetMap! westnordost yes More geared towards organizations, it seems. Quite a bunch of information but well organized. Also renders very good on mobile.
2 Our wiki is your starting point to everything related OpenStreetMap westnordost yes Start page does not look well on mobile (only on landscape mode) Calli yes OpenStreetMap Calendar. Not really a map but lists OSM related events. Unclear how official this calender is. Issue for clarification:
3 Keep up to date with what is going on in the OpenStreetMap world westnordost N/A This could instead perhaps be integrated "deeper" into the app, so SC could be a newsreader for this via RSS feed.
5 See how you contributed to OpenStreetMap westnordost no This could instead be integrated deeper into the app, as an additional screen
5 Watch a Live Feed of current mapping activity westnordost yes
7 Create a custom public map and share it in minutes! westnordost yes Alternatives:,

Interesting uses how certain OSM data is used in practice

If possible, the applications/maps should not be fleeting stars, something established but still open source or at least a free service. Also, since users of StreetComplete are not necessarily tech-savvy, nothing too technical or ugly-looking. Something accessible from a smartphone (=small screen) is always better.

link uses which data proposed by open source comment blind related westnordost yes 3D prints a section of a map. Actually nothing that is added via StreetComplete is used there blind related westnordost no tactile map style. The website is barely usable on mobile sea map related westnordost yes A bit ugly, renders well on mobile.

No data can be contributed with SC that are relevant for openseamap. Wheelchair accesibility westnordost yes Renders well on mobile
https://ö Public transport related westnordost no(?) Renders well on mobile. Alternative: - but ö is better Railway related things westnordost no(?) Doesn't display properly on mobile.

No data can be contributed with SC that are relevant for openrailwaymap. Cycling related Morty123 yes Works well on mobile Veggie/vegan restaurant related Morty123 yes Alternative: infrastructure of regional, seasonal, freshly harvested goods on offer MK yes renders well on mobile, but only for Germany. Issue for i18n: infrastructure of street surveillance MK no? limited usability, blitzer stuff is usually integrated in navigation apps indoor data Obny yes Renders well on mobile cycling related Obny N/A / no? Renders well on mobile. Mostly limited to UK. Unclear how commercial this service is. building levels, roof levels and shapes westnordost yes Looks good, renders well on mobile, open source Show me the way Calli yes Shows live OSM edits. Renders well on mobile but takes some time to load Show points of interest Calli no Shows POIs by type

It's nice, but not open source, demo is free but basically they want to sell their POI service. Including it would be like an advertisement (and their personal contribution to achieve this data is rather low, very simple to do this with overpass). skiing-related (piste=*) data rugk yes Makes sense if, or are implemented.


Interesting maps or map related play-things not necessarily related to OSM

(If too many things are added here, we might want to add a column "category" or something to be able to group them.)

link license proposed by open source comment OdbL westnordost yes renders all the roads of a city, saveable as PNG and SVG
F4 Map HolgerJeromin no demo of a 3D map. Closed source. is open source westnordost no? map of mars westnordost no? OSM map with an artistic style Calli yes analyze the history of OSM FbrG ? Nice tool to see changes in specific locations. IMO better overview than 'History' on or osm history viewer. Link provided could also point directly to the changeset that got the user the achievement (e.g. Calli yes? statistics for OSM GPLv3 rugk yes Review notes created by StreetComplete users and solve their problems when you are at home.


granted for title text link(s) proposed by
1/10/100/500/1000/2500/5000/10000 edits via SC "FIrst edit"/"Little by little"/<100 emoji>/"Moving up"/"Involved"/"Hobbyist"/"Passionate"/"Addicted!" rayleigh1
50/200 bench backrest quests solved "Take a seat"/"Lean back" rayleigh1
5/50/100/247 opening hours quests solved ""/""/""/"24/7!" rayleigh1
10/50/500 building type quests solved "What are those?"/""/"" rayleigh1
10/50/500 building:levels quests solved "Let me tell you a storey..."/""/"Scraping the sky!" rayleigh1
3/7/14/30/60 etc. days of mapping in a row "Third day's the charm"/"7 days a week"/"" etc. rayleigh1
Being a user of SC from before the achievements were introduced "Veteran" rayleigh1
Splitting a way "Piece by piece" ? rayleigh1
Solving a quest for an object that another user has solved a quest for before "Incremental" or "ENHANCE!" rayleigh1
Solving 20 leaf type quests "Naturalist" rayleigh1
Solving 10 "does x have a toilet" quests "Hero for those in need" rayleigh1
Solving 10 construction quests "Completionist" or "Constructive" rayleigh1
Solving 5 bridge structure quests "Supporter" rayleigh1
Marking 10/200/500 ways as lit "Lumos"/"Lit!"/"Illuminatus" FbrG
Marking 10/200/500 ways as not lit "Shady Area"/"Blackout"/"Lord of Darkness" FbrG
5/25/50/75/100% of all global quests solved Community Achievement Achievement is granted to all mappers when a certain threshold of all (globally) available quests are solved. This could further be split by type of quest. I propose to focus on community achievements, as this holds potential for community activation. Calli