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PHProute is a server site routing script written in PHP5. It is under development by and moffi. FOR THE FIRST VIDEO DEMONSTRATION PLEASE GO DOWN!!!

Development Roadmap

Currently we are working on a reworked version of PHProute. The main sourcecode follow the OOP-idea and can't be compared with old version. So I ( decided to relaunch the project with version 0.1. Please do not ask for any release dates. Questions about development and technics are welcome! =)

Our development "blog" here in OSM-Wiki can be found on page PHProute/Dev-Blog.

ToDo Progress
Version 0.1
Searching for streetnames in cities (>= place=village) [done]
Routing between two nodes (within city limits) [done]
Displaying route on a slippy map [done]
Merging search form and map view into one page [done]
Version 0.2
Optimizing route finding current task
Switching between fastest and shortest route
Visualize streets on slippy map, if there are more than one possible for given start/destination [done]
Display route in written commands (like commercial software)
Setting start/destination manually on map (no search for street names)
Version 0.3
Route weightings depending on highway type and "maxspeed"
Calculating estimate arrival time
Version 0.4
Export route
Using pre-calculated routes on motorways
Changing transport type to another value than "car"
Version 0.5
no milestones yet

Version 0.6
no milestones yet

Version 0.7
no milestones yet

Version 0.8
no milestones yet

Version 0.9
no milestones yet

Version 1.0
Using dynamic routing to avoid road works and other barriers

Planned but not on roadmap

  • Avoid restricted streets (i.e. destination only)
  • Search for POIs

Possible features some time

  • Using traffic jam reports (like TMC) for dynamic routing with avoidance of such streets

Technical Informations

It is under development for any PHP5 version with pgsql module, PostgreSQL database (atm no extensions needed) and any webserver.

Our hardware

  • Dedicated Server
  • AMD Athlon64 X2 6000+ (DualCore, 3GHz each)
  • 8GB RAM
  • 2x750GB SATA2 HDD in hardware RAID0 array (total 1,5TB)

Used software

  • Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 (Kernel 2.6)
  • PHP 5.2.5 (with suhosin patch)
  • PostgreSQL 8.3


Sorry, no benchmarks atm



This is the first video made with PHProute v0.1 on 1st March 2008. It shows the first working version of this project wich can route within city limits. To watch this video you need the Flash Plugin.

Watch the first video


Screenshots of new GUI

Progress of routing optimisation

Compare between two weightings and fixed distance calculating.

First screenshots

Other screenshots of reworked version:


Do you have any suggestions? Please leave us your suggestion on our Talk page.

Thank you! =)