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Welcome to my user page! My name is Willem, and I live in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Mapping activities

Although I like surveying, I'm still mostly an armchair mapper - I can spend hours tracing things in JOSM, and getting the map as accurate as possible. Most often I'm mapping places I'm visiting, or places I will never visit and just find interesting (and then, by doing the mapping, I still ‘visit’ them virtually... yeah, maybe that is kinda weird). Here are some things I did in the past:

  • before any of the automated building imports, I traced thousands of buildings around Sittard and Geleen from Yahoo (since replaced by 3dShapes)
  • in Athens (which for a large part still was an empty void) I traced a lot of ways from Yahoo;
  • surveyed paths in forests, such as the Limbrichterbos, and the cycle node network around my home;
  • on holidays: Interlaken (Switzerland), Rennweg am Katschberg (Austria), Sant' Antonio (Lago d'Idro, Italy).

More recently, as the map is so complete already, there are fewer major tasks to do. I've shifted my attention to mapping detailed features, in particular Key:area:highway and indoor mapping.


Kosmos style

My Kosmos style: [[1]]. This is a Dutch layout style.


I like micro-mapping and OSM-to-3D conversion. Together with User:!i! we figured out a way to export OpenStreetMap maps to SuperTuxKart using OSM2World.


If you are a KDE user, and you're using the Oxygen widget style, you might notice that JOSM doesn't match that style. I am one of the authors of the Joxy look and feel for Java, which lets JOSM (and other Java programs) look much better. See its website.

Useful links

Wiki activities

I am interested in translating Wiki articles into Dutch. Recently I updated the main page (Hoofdpagina).