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I am Ian Dees, @iandees on Twitter and for e-mail.

Background: I've been involved in OSM since mid-2006. I became interested because of my interest in working with a huge amount of data and the prospect of helping to create a map of the world from scratch. I served on the OSM US board last year and helped solicit donations of servers and hosting for the board and its members to use to help increase the use and quality of OSM data in the US. I also wrote the JXAPI software along with shp-to-osm. Additionally, I've been an administrator for the Google Summer of Code for the last three years.

My goal has always been to improve the accessibility and ease of use of OSM data for both mappers and data consumers and I'd like to continue as a board member of OSM US so that I can continue working towards that goal. I plan to continue maintaining the server resources I've procured in the past and look forward to spending more time working to promote the use of OSM data in the US by hosting many more mapping parties, trying to get publicity for OSM and OSM US in the media, and contributing more software and data. It is my opinion that we can work together as a group to more efficiently achieve these goals and I think being a part of OSM US is a great way to do that.