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Here a short description how to remove the voltage limiter (Z-Diode) in the EDH-2 hub dynamo from novatec.

Attention: All you do with this information you do at your own risk.

Please make sure your lamps have a voltage limiter included. Otherwise your bulb will be broken.

  1. Check the model of your dynamo

EDH 1 MOD 01.jpg

  1. Remove this screw nut

EDH 1 MOD 02.jpg

  1. Remove this two metal discs

EDH 1 MOD 03.jpg

  1. Remove this plastic disc

EDH 1 MOD 04.jpg

  1. Remove this small metal disc

EDH 1 MOD 05.jpg

  1. Remove this connector and the attached diode

EDH 1 MOD 06.jpg

  1. Remove the diode

EDH 1 MOD 07.jpg

You can also refer to [1]