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About me

I am living in Reinach BL. I go to work (Basel) by bike and on the way to work I trace the routes.

Mapping Areas

Around Basel (Switzerland).


  • Mountain bike with IPAQ carrier
  • Touring bike with home made IPAQ carrier
  • User:Zapfen/Electric_Power_Supply
  • IPAQ 614C with internal GPS receiver
  • IPAQ HW6515 with internal GPS receiver ( Backup )


Working on

  • Mapping
  • Searching how to get a historical map of the region Basel (Switzerland)
  1. Some informations here Historical_Coverage and the link to a service [1]
Example: OSM History Region Basel.gif
  • Export and Download OMS Data and Maps
  1. MapOF maximum 2000px
  2. Script
  3. Bigmap Cyclemap you can easily download it with fireshot for Firefox
  4. PHPCalc: Calculation from lon/lat values to tilesenames (x,y). See also Slippy_map_tilenames

Bigmap basel detail.jpg
Bigmap basel uebersicht.jpg

Testing some Kosmos Rules in this area:

  1. Jana_Seta_Kosmos_Rules
  2. Croyde_Cycle_Kosmos_Rules
  3. UrSuS_Kosmos_Rules
  4. Kosmos_General_Purpose_Rules
  5. User:Zapfen/Kosmos (my own tests)

In action

here my new device, the IPAQ 614C with the Software GpsVP and a generated map from OSM Composer.

GPSVP oms ipaq on bike.jpg

this is my old device IPAQ 6515.

PTGMAP oms ipaq on bike.JPG