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Author: Vsevolod Shorin
License: BSD
Platforms: Windows and Windows Mobile
Status: Unmaintained
Version: 0.4.24 (2012-02-05)
Language: multiple languages
Source code:
Programming language: C

GpsVP is a GPS enabled application that can display vector based maps and raster maps.

Licensed under New BSD License.

It has built in support for

  • loading OpenStreetMap tiles (offline or on demand over wireless network, if you wish)
  • and Garmin format maps (also more than one at a time), various levels of detail, POIs
  • It can also record tracks and store POIs.
  • a search in OSM is available
  • scanned maps can be displayed, prerequisites: georeferenced, tiled, config files
  • Map or monitors view
  • Remap Hardware Buttons to functions

The application runs on the WIN32-platform (PCs) and on many PocketPC/Smartphones with and without touchscreen.

Offical website:

The track formats available are GPX or Oziexplorer (*.plt).

Version 0.4.24 as of February 5th, 2012

  • ...

Version 0.4.20 as of March 2nd, 2010

  • tracks: now uses GPS time (subsecond) instead of system time
  • sun azimuth
  • navigate along predefined route

Example of use