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Here is my implementation of the forumslader

First of all thanks Jens for this wonderful engineering all nececery information about the forumslader can be found here [1].

Choose the right version

for my purpose the 12V version with USB was exactly what I need. In this PDF document you have to choose the akku type you like [2].

The one i built was the 9x NiMh Version. So I had to take 2x SiDiode 1N4003 serial for the D8 diode. Have a look at [3]

The circuit board i ordered from Jens on the [4]. He sent me this very fast. The other parts i ordered by conrad including the 9 NiMh akkus and a holder for them.


Here a overview of the parts nececari to built the forumslader.

Forumslader 01.jpg

Here you see the board ready to bee soldering.

Forumslader 02.jpg

The Forumslader almost finished. Only the switch connectors are missing.

Forumslader 03.jpg


comming soon

Building a box

comming soon

On the road