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tiny edits to avoid wiki page bugs

Hi Alex, you write " Teeny tiny edits to avoid wiki page bugs". Did you notice that you can also use the source code editor instead of the VisualEditor? And doesn't the preview button work correctly to show you the result? Which bug do encounter? It would be beneficial if you could reduce the number of edits in future because it makes the page history quite unwieldy. ;-)

In any way: thanks for your help here! :-)

Oh, and, the Debian stuff looks like it is very complicated. Is it then really worth to install from packages at all? Why not just install a Java JRE and download the josm.jar and run it manually? Did you try it already? --Aseerel4c26 (talk) 19:19, 23 May 2016 (UTC)

Hi Aseerel4c26

You wrote: “the Debian stuff looks like it is very complicated”.

Only when it has bugs! Otherwise it works fine. Also, as all other Linux GUI distros are based on Debian, that makes them ALL complicated!

Updating JOSM is a little complicated (not much), and Java is a bit of a nightmare. I assume that Java 8 will eventually get sorted.

...and yes, when I discovered source-code edit my difficulties diminished. I think that in the GUI edit the cookie expired (or something). I initially (almost) lost 2 hours of editing; fortunately I saved all the added work to my own machine before trying to save it on the wiki. Good instinct, and the reason for all the 'tiny edits' afterwards. Anyway, hopefully I've got all the updates done. Far more than most folks will read but, after all, that's the reason for the "tl;dr" at the top of my additions.

(24 May): Hmm. I originally missed an answer to your question:— “Why not just install a Java JRE and download the josm.jar and run it manually?”

Essentially, that is exactly what Debian already does. Installing JOSM from Repository auto-installs OpenJDK (java). Therefore, a Java JRE has been installed (in this case OpenJDK-7) and a josm.jar has been downloaded & auto-installed. It seems much more clever to me to allow Debian to do all that for me automatically. Of course, if you insist on doing it all manually then that is your choice.

Problems raise their heads only because:—

  1. The Repository is not maintained with the latest JOSM
  2. JOSM is not part of the Debian alternatives system
  3. JOSM wants Java-8 but Jessie has Java-7 by default

Apart from the above, everything is hunk dory!

"All other distros", thankfully, not really. ;-) But some, yes. Okay, as said, I personally, would not use the outdated and not-updated josm package at all and just install a java package (as root) and download and start the JOSM jar file manually (as user, not as root), but of course, one could do it with the package as basis.
Note: New JOSM versions as of June will stop to support Java 7, so you will either net to get a current Java 8 or continue to use the May JOSM version (see ticket). --Aseerel4c26 (talk) 09:25, 24 May 2016 (UTC) (you can add such a user name and time stamp automatically by typing --~~~~)

Thanks for the link to the JOSM bugtracker ticket-11390 on upgrade to JAVA-8, Aseerel4c26. I'm not so sure that the developers will thank you, as I seem to have managed to be a disruptive influence by making comments such as “ seem to be unable to think outside of the Cube” whilst making impassioned pleas for the switch to be delayed until Debian could support JAVA-8 in Stable. However, along the way I got a link to the Download page & was able to sniff out an alldist repository which is able to support Debian Jessie with an effective installation of JOSM & JAVA-8. Hooray!

Therefore, I've rewritten the relevant section(s) for all versions of Debian, since it all now works. Double hooray!--Alexkemp (talk) 18:17, 27 May 2016 (UTC)