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Public Right of Ways

A statement from Hertfordshire County Council regardng Ordnance Survey OpenData;

"Not all OS mapping and data are included however. At present Hertfordshire County Council have no plans to release any of its derived mapping (such as Public Rights of Way) as these are not based on products included in OS OpenData™. For more information on the background to OS OpenData™ see"

This statement is likely just out of date, I have emailed them using the feedback utility on the page asking for clarification on the state of the licence and kindly suggested that they update the page.

This has been fixed! The paragraph has been changed to;
"Not all OS mapping and data are included however. For more information on what's included, click here ("

as of 20/02/13. I have not yet recieved a response as to the state of the licence but on & the UK local councils page it says that the data is under the Ordnance Survey OpenData licence, so it looks like it's ok to use it - OS Opendata

On 14/02/13 I recieved a responce from Herts County Council saying that they had fixed the page and that they were working towards publishing more open data and linking to it from their sites. They indicated that more changes would be made within a few months.