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Hallo Astrid,

schau bitte mal auf DE talk:Rollstuhlfahrer-Routing vorbei. --Head 13:08, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

06/04/2012 : Hi Astrid,

We are a small group of disabled people (Wheelchair), in institutions, and we begin a new activity: mapping party. We are in France at Craponne,FR, and will start in our neighborhood to help OSM in terms of accessibility.

We have never done this, if you know people in our region who know how to do : thank you carrying that message.

CLAUDE Laurent, animator. ARIMC, Les Tourrais de Craponne.

How to map accessible sidewalks for wheelchair users

Good Morning,

We would like to map all the accessible streets in our town.

How can me do this? Do you have a tutorial that can be shared with our volunteers?

Have a nice day


Hallo Astrid, hier in Rostock kam ein Verein auf uns zu, der Informationen für Leute mit Einschränkungen erfassen möchte. Die Wheelmap wäre ein erster Ansatz, aber perspektivisch wäre es natürlich interessant gerade auch Routing auszuprobieren. Könntest du kurz sagen, wie da der aktuelle Stand ist? Die Seiten zu dem Thema scheinen ja etwas angestaubt zu sein :-) --!i! This user is member of the wiki team of OSM 08:00, 11 July 2015 (UTC)

Rollstuhlrouting mit getrennten Gehsteigen

Hallo Astrid,

was hältst du davon die Bürgersteige als eigene ways zu erfassen? Wir haben das in Gleisdorf beim Projekt Access2Life so gemacht, und führen das jetzt in der Innenstadt von Graz fort.

Ich hab auch schon mehrere OSRM-Profile geschrieben, (siehe Github), die ganz gut damit funktionieren.

Würde mich gerne mit dir austauschen, welche Erfahrungen ihr so gemacht habt! Meine Kontaktdaten findest du auf meiner Userseite: Species.

Danke, lg Michael

Missing file information

Hello! And thanks for your upload - but some extra info is necessary.

Sorry for bothering you about this, but it is important to know source of the uploaded files.

Are you the creator of image File:Wasserwaage.jpg ?

Or is it copied from some other place (which one?)?

Please, add this info to the file page - something like "I took this photo" or "downloaded from -website link-" or "I took this screeshot of program XYZ" or "this is map generated from OpenStreetMap data and SRTM data" or "map generated from OSM data and only OSM data" or "This is my work based on file -link-to-page-with-that-file-and-its-licensing-info-" or "used file downloaded from internet to create it, no idea which one".

Doing this would be already very useful.

Licensing - photos

In case that you are the author of the image: Would you agree to open licensing of this image, allowing its use by anyone (similarly to your OSM edits)?

In case where it is a photo you (except relatively rare cases) author can make it available under a specific free license.

Would you be OK with CC0 (it allows use without attribution or any other requirement)?

Or do you prefer to require attribution and some other things using CC-BY-SA-4.0?

If you are the author: Please add {{CC0-self}} to the file page to publish the image under CC0 license.

You can also use {{CC-BY-SA-4.0-self|Astrid}} to publish under CC-BY-SA-4.0 license.

Once you add missing data - please remove {{Unknown|subcategory=uploader notified March 2022}} from the file page.

Licensing - other images

If it is not a photo situation gets a bit more complicated.

See Drafts/Media file license chart that may help.

note: if you took screenshot of program made by someone else, screenshot of OSM editor with aerial imagery: then licensing of that elements also matter and you are not a sole author.

note: If you downloaded image made by someone else then you are NOT the author.

Note that in cases where photo is a screenshot of some software interface: usually it is needed to handle also copyright of software itself.

Note that in cases where aerial imagery is present: also licensing of an aerial imagery matter.


Feel free to ask for help if you need it - you can do it for example by asking on Talk:Wiki: new topic.

Please ask there if you are not sure what is the proper next step. Especially when you are uploading files that are not your own work or are derivative work (screenshots, composition of images, using aerial imagery etc).

If you are interested in wider discussion about handling licencing at OSM Wiki, see this thread.

(sorry if I missed something that already states license and source: I am looking through over 20 000 files and fixing obvious cases on my own, in other I ask people who upladed files, but it is possible that I missed something - in such case also please answer)

--Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 15:37, 28 March 2022 (UTC)