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Tirgu Mures is looking nicer and nicer by the day. Keep up the good work! Cipt2001 19:31, 25 February 2008 (UTC)

Hello my friend!

Hi Attila!

Welcome to OSM (avagy Isten hozott! ;o) ) Continuing in English, so that everyone can understand: I am really happy to see that someone is so active in my hometown! As you have seen, there were only a couple of streets mapped when you've arrived (it was me ;o) ) but now.. WOW! You are doing a great job!! I hope I'll have some time to help, even if I'm not there anymore. Keep up the good work!




My name is Dragos and I am also from Tirgu Mures. For now, living in Bucharest, but I can still help with bits and pieces on the map. Street names for now and maybe tracks once I buy a GPS. I used to ride my bike a lot around Tirgu Mures, so maybe I can help a bit with some of the secondary roads in the Mures county.

Cheers, Dragos

PS Congratulations so far! You did a hell of a job!;)