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You said on the mailing list a while ago there is a need for rejected proposals. There is one linked to at the top of the proposals page, wich flight paths can be added to. This is quite late, but I just reread the email from the link on the park and ride discussion page, and thourght I would point out it exsists. Ben. 04:33 18th Decemeber 2006

Talk:Proposed_features/WiFi_Zone/Hotspot#Should_we_show_this_at_all.3F (your email link is unreadable)

Hi. You posted a link to an archived mailing list post "Please see also my mail on the subject to at 1. I've rounded out my arguments a bit more there.". I don't understand how that is relevant to the discussion. What is your current opinion on the issue? You may post at the thread found in the Subject/headline. logictheo 16:25, 23 September 2011 (BST)