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Canada Topo Map

Hi, i have the Canadian contour lines available from the CanVec set, using canvec2osm i can have the OSM files available.

My plan is to make a simple Contour-only Garmin Map of Canada out of it, so then the ComputerTeddy maps can be used with it.

Would these help with --acrosscanadatrails 15:24, 21 March 2009 (UTC)

MassGIS import errors

Hi, just saw the very impressive image on the OSM front page :) While looking at the area with my AJAX app, I noticed that there are a few errors in the imported data:

  • landuse=resevoir (typo, should be "reservoir" :)
  • leisure=recreation_ground (thinko, should be landuse :)

Hopefully these can be corrected automatically, as there are dozends, if not thousands of ways affected and they are thusly not rendered :) (Changing the renders is a bad idea, as it just creates needless complexity in the software and makes the data incoherent :)

NHD data in Hudson Valley

I had volunteered to do the upper/lower Hudson Valley NHD import, but hadn't gotten very far. In reviewing the original NHD page, I see that some of what you are planning to do intersects with the areas of interest to me. It's probably good to coordinate here so as not to step on each others toes... nfgusedautoparts