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Combine tags to describe the journey mode

How does it counteract gravity?
borneBy borneBy-def unique?
air airborne yes
road uses roadnetwork yes
rail/track any type of rail or static track yes
water waterborne yes
cable carried under cable yes
Which type of vehicle is it?
mode mode-def unique?
bus any bus with room for more than 20 passengers yes
minibus small bus up to 20 passengers yes
taxi motorcar up to 4 passengers yes
aeroplane any fixed wing aeroplane yes
helicopter any helicopter yes
ferry any waterborne boat that is not a ship yes
ship large waterborne craft with multiple decks and facilities yes
funicular high incline trackbound vehicle yes
telecabin cableborne cabin yes
tram trackbound vehicle that mingles with road-traffic yes
standardRail any railroad with heavy vehicles yes
lightRail lighter trackbound vehicles that do not mingle with road-traffic yes
preservedRail preserved networks of outdated railroad modes yes
hovercraft it hovers! yes
What is its characteristics?
type type-def unique?
city Within a city no
local Short distance no
regional Wide coverage within region no
express Regional with few stops no
longDistance Coach, Cross-region, comfort, facilities no
tourist Poentialy slow no
school Primarily for students no
replacement replaces other modality no
shuttle short, frequent. ties services together no
highSpeed Particularily fast vehicles no
Does it have a special branding
branding branding-def unique?
interCity common rail branding no
night Can indicate sleeping-facilities no
airportLink Services an airport no
metro the metro concept for light rail no
Can i bring my vehicle?
carryVehicle carryVehicle-def unique?
bicycle bicycle yes
vehicle bicycle, *car/motorcycle/snowmobile yes
truck (lorry) bicycle, car*, *truck/lorry yes
HGV bicycle, car*, truck*, HGV yes
What kind of luggage can i bring?
luggage luggage-def unique?
carryOn carryOn yes
luggage carryOn, luggage yes
cargo carryOn, luggage, cargo yes
Does it cross a significant border?
crossing crossing-def unique?
international crosses any international border no
schengen crosses the shengen border no
EU chrosses the EU border no
Does the passenger have to do something beforehand?
requirements unique?
charter the vehicle must be booked in advance yes
onDemand pickup must be booked in advance yes